/Build Yourself a Virtual Alfa Romeo 4C

Build Yourself a Virtual Alfa Romeo 4C

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The new Alfa Romeo 4C sports car has a very limited annual production run. So launching an online configurator for a car that will probably be sold out within the first month of going on sale sounds like a pointless exercise. Still, it is quite good fun to play around with it and see the gorgeous car in different colors.

It has been said, by those who were fortunate enough to look at the 4C close up, that pictures and videos don’t really do the car’s justice. That sounds like a fair statement, seeing as even this virtual Alfa Romeo 4C we came up with using the configurator looks much better than all those press pictures.

We are quite surprised though at the choice of colors Alfa offers for this car. The 4C is a fun little sports car, so you’d imagine it should come in vibrant colors like yellow or Ithaca verde. But in reality, save the two special reds, all the available colors are dark and sober.

You also get three different wheel designs, four different colors for you brake calipers, and halogen or xenon for the headlights. Although it would be nice if Alfa offered the option of normal headlights as well, so those who hate the standard hideous lights would have alternative. Other notable options include a rear spoiler and two different tailpipe designs.

All Alfa Romeo 4Cs are powered by a 1,750cc turbocharged four-cylinder engine developing 240 horsepower, a carbon fiber tub coupled with an aluminum chassis, and a carbon fiber cabin with only the minimum luxury amenities, all in the name of saving weight.

Have a go at the 4C configurator: 4C.AlfaRomeo.Com

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