/Spark-Renault Formula E Car Debuts Dynamically in Las Vegas

Spark-Renault Formula E Car Debuts Dynamically in Las Vegas

Spark Renault Formula E 0 600x421 at Spark Renault Formula E Car Debuts Dynamically in Las Vegas

Following its first public appearance at the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show (IAA), the Spark-Renault SRT_01E single-seater Formula E race car makes its dynamic debut in the city of Las Vegas during this year’s CES event. The 100 percent electric race car did a couple of laps around the Las Vegas Strip before visiting Mandalay Bay.

The presence of the Spark-Renault Formula E car at CES, a global consumer electronics and technology trade show, made more sense than its debut at the IAA last year. After all, Formula E is more likely to appeal to the fans of electronic gadgets and the latest computer software than car and racing enthusiasts. Seeing as the cars are all identical – and let’s be honest driving is possibly the third or fourth important factor in Formula racing these days – the team with the cleverest software managing the car, and the whole racing operation, is going to win. And that is exactly the sort of thing that sets a geek’s trousers on fire.

The dynamic debut of the Spark-Renault Formula E in Las Vegas is part of the promotional campaign for the series inaugural season next year. A lot of big teams and great names have signed up hoping not for great racing, but a fruitful business opportunity.

Renault Sport Technologies CEO Patrice Ratti, said: “Everybody at Renault is very proud that we were able to show the 100% electric Spark-Renault race car in driving conditions for a very tech-savvy crowd in Las Vegas. The work that has been done by all technical partners over the last few months has been fantastic and the car lives up to Renault’s high competition standards. We are very happy about the result so far and our engineers will keep working with Spark, Dallara, McLaren, Williams and Michelin to further improve the Spark-Renault SRT_01E so that all teams can compete with an amazing 100% electric race car when the championship begins.”

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