/Jeff Zwart Pikes Peak Run 2014 – Helmet Cam

Jeff Zwart Pikes Peak Run 2014 – Helmet Cam

Jeff Zwart Pikes Peak Run 600x353 at Jeff Zwart Pikes Peak Run 2014 – Helmet Cam

Ever since they went on TV, Drive Channel stopped making videos for web people, which is fair enough. They make more off TV than the Internet. Their motorsport division seems to be still alive though, at least partially. Every once in a while they release awesome videos like this, the Jeff Zwart Pikes Peak Run from this year’s event, onboard a Porsche 911 GT3 Turbo.

In this video we can go along for the ride with Jeff thanks to his helmet cam. He takes on the fearsome Pikes Peak hill climb course in a car that goes and sounds like a wounded animal. That turbo noise is just insane.

We have great respect for Jeff Zwart and everybody else who drives the Pikes Peak in those fast machines. Each corner of this course has a massive drop behind it, and guess what, only a few of them have some lousy guardrails. You need cojones the size of, well, the turbos on this GT3 to take it on flat out.

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