/B&B Volkswagen Passat Wagon Tuned to 300 PS

B&B Volkswagen Passat Wagon Tuned to 300 PS

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Fast, hot estates continue to be hugely popular in Europe. More and more manufacturers are entering this segment, but even for those few models that don’t get a treatment from the factory, there are countless aftermarket tuning kit. This B&B Volkswagen Passat is one such thing, and it is truly dope.

B&B Volkswagen Passat is based on the latest station wagon model which means the tuner did not have to do much to the car’s exterior, as it is already very good-looking. So on the outside the changes are limited to a few subtle aero parts on the front and rear, lowered suspension, and a set of fancy 20-inch wheels.

The real beauty of B&B Volkswagen Passat lies under the bonnet, where the 2.0 liter bi-turbo diesel engine is tweak and tuned to up to 300 PS. That is a healthy upgrade over the standard 240 PS, but the most impressive figure here is the torque, which is 630 Nm (standard 500 Nm). B&B also offers a less hot kit with 275 PS and 570 PS, which is a bit cheaper. But if you are going that far, you might as well go all the way.

With the 300 PS kit installed, B&B Volkswagen Passat Wagon can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 6.3 seconds, which is as near as makes no difference a second quicker than the standard.

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