/Gallery: DMC Lamborghini Aventador Teddy Bear Edition!

Gallery: DMC Lamborghini Aventador Teddy Bear Edition!

DMC Aventador Teddy Bear 0 600x411 at Gallery: DMC Lamborghini Aventador Teddy Bear Edition!

China is a weird and interesting place, but even by their standards, this is something truly outlandish. The owner of a super hot DMC Lamborghini Aventador, which appears to be the coveted E-GT model, decided to strap a giant teddy bear on the roof and drive around town. for funsies!

There is no point or reason in why would one do such a thing that we know of – although it could be the year of bear in China – but we admire the fun-loving nature of a man who doesn’t take himself, and his hugely expensive super car, that seriously. Looking at these pictures you can’t help but smile:

And to recap quickly about the specs of DMC Lamborghini Aventador, it comes in three variants of Molto Veloce, Spezial, and Edition GT. The main ingredients shared by all three include new front and rear bumpers featuring massive splitter and diffuser with a unique design, side skirts, revised side vents, and an optional rear wing. DMC can also hook you up with custom interiors and engine treatments up to 900 horsepower. The cost of the body kit alone is a number with six digits.

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