/Sensational Ad for Alfa Romeo 4C

Sensational Ad for Alfa Romeo 4C

Alfa Romeo 4C 600x354 at Sensational Ad for Alfa Romeo 4C

To mark the launch of the Alfa Romeo 4C, belatedly, in the U.S, the Italian car maker’s American branch has made a pretty awesome TV spot. The clip has no issues with delving straight into the established stereotypes about Italian sports car and uses all of them to deliver the message: Alfa 4C is sensational!

So you see shots of Alfa Romeo 4C being driven vigorously around tight bends, and also realize that most of its curves are formed not to be the most efficient aerodynamically, but to resemble the curves of a woman. We like that.


Alfa Romeo 4C Specs:

Type and Description: Inline 4-cylinder, liquid-cooled with turbocharger, intercooler and wet sump

Displacement, cc (cu.in.): 1,742 (106.3)

Bore x Stroke: 3.27 x 3.17 (83 x 80.5)

Fuel Injection: Direct-injection, sequential, multiport, electronic

Construction: Aluminum-alloy block with cast-iron liners, forged-aluminum pistons, forged-steel crankshaft, aluminum-alloy heads and aluminum bedplate

Compression Ratio: 9.25:1

Maximum Turbo Boost (psi / bar): 21.75 psi / 1.45 bar

Power (SAE net): 237 hp (177 kW) @ 6,000 rpm (135.4 bhp/liter)

Torque (SAE net): 258 lb.-ft. (350 N•m) @ 2,200 – 4,250 rpm

Max. Engine Speed: 6,500 rpm (fuel cutoff)

Fuel Requirement: Unleaded premium — 91 Octane (R+M)/2

Oil Capacity (with Filters): 11 qt. (5.8 liter)

Coolant Capacity: 16 qt. (10.6 liter)

Emission Controls: Four three-way catalytic converters, heated oxygen sensors, engine internal features

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