/Flamethrower: Lamborghini Aventador with Armytrix Exhaust

Flamethrower: Lamborghini Aventador with Armytrix Exhaust

armytrix lambo flame 600x332 at Flamethrower: Lamborghini Aventador with Armytrix Exhaust

If you are into tuning you almost certainly have heard the name Armytrix. These guys are one of the world’s top sport exhaust makers and they have a style all their own. Their style is sheer loudness sprinkled with massive flames, as demonstrated by these Lamborghini Aventadors here.

The demo Lambos here include a nicely modified white example with Tron-style lights and a Liberty Walk wide body Aventador:

Now as you have noticed this is London where these Armytrix Lambos are showing off their volume and fire spitting capabilities. After watching this one feels a great deal of sympathy for the residents of the city’s high street who want the councils to banish these super cars. It’s fun to have these cars around once or twice a year, but if you keep hearing those exhausts day in and day out, and have idiots hanging around trying to light their cigarettes with exhaust flames, you are going to get angry too.

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