/Why we still Love the Mini

Why we still Love the Mini

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The Mini has been an icon for many years now. For those who were born in the 60s seeing a Mini on the street invokes strong feelings of nostalgia for the age of free love. Even people who have no memory of that time associate the Mini with a very cool decade i.e. the 60s.

Vintage Minis are Still Cool

Vintage cars attract all kinds of people even those that are not particularly bothered about cars in their day-to-day lives. Vintage Minis are no exception they certainly turn heads in the street. They have great street creed and are considered cool by people from all age groups.

The Mini’s sporty image

Minis are not that fast, but because they have been souped-up and used for racing in years gone by they are not considered slouches either. Their use in the famous chase scene in the Italian Job actually gives Minis a bit of sports car cache.

British cache

In other parts of the world the fact that it is so quintessentially British gives it even more cache. The fact that the Mini is so British makes it even cooler and popular in countries like America and many other European countries. In places like this, vintage minis get the most attention because they are exceptionally rare in those countries. People like the new Mini, but it is the older ones that are the real showstoppers.

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The newer Minis

The new MINIs that BMW make continue to be perceived as cool. Over the past few years, BMW has released many special editions of the car.

For example, the BMW Mini Rocketman has a Union Jack made up of illuminated braces so that it glows in the dark that is set into its unique glass roof. Interestingly, the Rocketman was 3,000mm shorter than the previous model, which made it more or less the same length as the original Minis. This made the Rocketman look more like the original 1960s mini. The latest incarnation the MINI Countryman is also proving a hit in all of the markets it has already been released in.

These new concept MINI demonstrates that BMW are aware of just how important the Mini image is and are prepared to work to ensure that it remains a cool car to own decades from now.

Practical as well as good looking

The practicality of the car is also helping to keep it relevant and popular with a new generation of drivers. This compact car easily competes, space and performance wise, with other small cars yet looks so much classier. Using firms like BookMyGarage to look for the cheapest servicing deals in their area helps MINI drivers to keep the cost of running their car down to manageable levels.

Because the MINI is so economical to run, it is attracting new fans to the marc. In the first ten years, 2.5 million BMW MINIs were sold.

Regardless of how the MINI is developed over the next decade the presence of so many vintage Minis on the road, guarantees that this fun car will always have a place in people’s hearts.

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