/Mercedes G63 AMG 6×6 Is Good for Storming Beaches

Mercedes G63 AMG 6×6 Is Good for Storming Beaches

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If the Americans had something like the Mercedes G63 AMG 6×6 when they stormed the beaches of Normandy in World War II, they could have made it to the sure and up to the German bunkers in no time at all and without losing so many men. On the evidence of what you are about to see, the 6×6 is like the perfect beach stormer ever!

The only flaw with that hypothesis is that Mercedes G63 AMG 6×6 is a German product. So in reality, the Germans would have used them to drive the Americans back into the sea. Come to think of it, the Americans should have sent Brad Pitt with his FURY tank, because based on what we saw in the movie, it was either invisible or had like ten layers of armor.

Mercedes G63 AMG 6×6 is a very expensive limited edition car, and if we’re honest, it is not what you can call cool or dignified. It’s just a big toy. If you absolutely have to have a 6×6 off roader in your life, we recommend Kahn Design’s 6×6 Land Rover Defender which comes in both SUV and pickup forms. The Landie is not as capable as the big Benz, but it looks a lot cooler and costs nowhere near as much.

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