/Alfa Romeo 4C Spider Spotted in Luxemburg

Alfa Romeo 4C Spider Spotted in Luxemburg

Alfa Romeo 4C Spider Spot 0 600x361 at Alfa Romeo 4C Spider Spotted in Luxemburg

Even though it was introduced a long time ago, Alfa Romeo 4C Spider is still a pretty rare sight out in the wild. This gorgeous yellow Spider comes to you all the way from the tiny country of Luxemburg. It is apparently the first one registered there.

Alfa Romeo 4C Spider is superior to its hardtop sibling in a number of ways. First and foremost, it’s a Spider and comes with 90 million miles of free sky. What’s more, with the roof taken away you can hear the throaty noise of that sweet 1,750cc engine pumped through two artificially tuned exhaust more clearly. So overall, the joy of driving the Spider is a lot greater than that of the Coupe.

The standard Alfa Romeo 4C Spider comes with much nicer headlights than the coupe as well, although this particular example seems to be fitted with the same ghastly carbon lights of the hardtop. Evidently the owner liked those things a lot. It still looks pretty sexy though, this Giallo 4C Spider boasting black wheels, and it makes the other cars on the street look like, well, to be frank it make everything else on the road look like scab!

Photos by Flo et Sim Photography via Autogespot

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