/BMW M4 Wide Body Spotted in the Wild

BMW M4 Wide Body Spotted in the Wild

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Every day in our tuning news section we introduce you to a great many wide body cars, but we seldom see one of those on the roads. There are certain impracticalities inherent in widening and lowering cars that makes them a pain to live with. But the owner of BMW M4 Wide Body apparently doesn’t care about all that.

This slammed and fattened BMW M4 Wide Body was spotted the other day strolling along the street of Munich, flaunting its girth and showing off its high-end Vossen CVT wheels that fill up those wide fender almost perfectly. The car is also fully kitted out with M Performance front spoiler, side skirts, and rear tail spoiler, turning this M4 into one of the most unique examples in the world.

There is no question or shadow of doubt that this BMW M4 Wide Body looks absolutely stunning, especially next to all those others ordinary cars on the road. But you wouldn’t want to buy it second hand. The thing is so low, it looks like it scrapes its bottom even on smooth tarmac. So you can only imagine what life is like for it going over speed bumps and stuff. And we don’t even have to mention the ride quality.

Photos by C.M. Supercars Photography via Autogespot

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