/Tailored KW Suspension for Honda Civic Type R

Tailored KW Suspension for Honda Civic Type R

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The new generation of Honda Civic Type R (FK2) is a pretty serious bit of kit, boasting high-end technology features such as VTEC engine and Adaptive Damper System. The latter is ought to make the Type-R handle like a sports car, but it seems there is still room for improvement.

That is were KW comes in with a specially tailored version of the Variant 3 coilover system. This unit, featuring independent rebound and compression damping adjustment, drops the ride height of Honda Civic Type R between 15 to 35 mm on the front axle and 5 to 25 mm on the rear axle. The handling characteristics depend really on where you set the purple click wheel adjuster.

KW’s Variant 3 coilover is a system designed for hot hatches and can also be fitted to the likes of Opel Astra OPC, Ford Focus RS and Renault Megane RS. The geometry of the system helps reduce the torque steer in powerful front-wheel-drive cars. What’s more, by changing the compression damping, it can specifically influence the body roll, without having to change the spring rate that perfectly matches the rebound.

For the Honda Civic Type R the Variant 3 is tailored to work with the vehicle’s Honda Agile Handling Assist (AHA) and the Electronic Stability Program (VSA). So the result is a hot hatch that not only sits a lot prettier than the standard version, but also negotiates the bends with a lot more dignity.

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