/Matt LeBlanc’s Beef with Chris Evans Enters New Phase

Matt LeBlanc’s Beef with Chris Evans Enters New Phase

LaBlanc Evans Top Gear 600x374 at Matt LeBlanc’s Beef with Chris Evans Enters New Phase

It was back in April when we first got wind of the feud between the two lead presenters of the New Top Gear, started by Chris Evans criticizing Matt LeBlanc’s conduct in a film he made in London with stunt driver Ken Block. Turns out Evans is being a jerk to everyone on the production team, and LeBlanc now wants him gone.

According to the latest reports by British tabloids — I know, not the best of sources — LeBlanc has threatened to leave Top Gear unless Chris Evans gets fired. We suppose what the American means is that he won’t renew his contract for a second season, because all the filming has been done for the first season and all he has to do to get the rest of his salary is to tolerate Evans during the studio bits. And how hard can that be?

Well, it seems that’s pretty bloody hard. The new Top Gear has already lost an executive producer as a result of what is described in the media as Evans’s “tyrannical” behavior. It comes as no surprise, of course, the Evans is an egomaniac who is used to the confinements of a radio station where he controlled everything. So the rumors of Evans not knowing what to do with all the power invested in him by the BBC might be true.

Meanwhile the show continues to suck in terms of rating, recording the lowest audience since 2003, which was when the first season of Clarkson’s TG aired. That is not surprising, either. I mean, I for one only watch the bits with Chris Harris on the internet, so…

Via Telegraph

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