/Gunmetal Alfa Romeo 4C Is Freezingly Cool!

Gunmetal Alfa Romeo 4C Is Freezingly Cool!

Gunmetal Alfa Romeo 4C 0 600x367 at Gunmetal Alfa Romeo 4C Is Freezingly Cool!

While all frozen, or matte, paint finishes are cooler than their metallic or glossy counterparts, some like Gunmetal Grey are just in a whole new level of coolness that even looking at them will give you a chill. That’s how we felt upon laying eyes on this gorgeous Gunmetal Alfa Romeo 4C.

I know, I know, this 4C has the rubbish weird headlights that Alfa should have never introduced. But swapping those with a set of regular lights from the 4C Spider is a simple matter and after that this thing would become one of the coolest cars in the Milky Way. Come to think of it, we’d rather have a Gunmetal Alfa Romeo 4C Spider. Yep, that one has the added benefit of being rare and also a drop top, qualities that certainly lower the temperature further down.

Just to recap for those who have forgotten what the 4C is all about, it’s a pure-bred sports car made to be light and agile and fun to drive. That is why it’s only got a 1.8 turbo four-banger in the middle and a lot of air under the permanently shot bonnet. It’s also got a wonky interior with lots of plastic stuff, but we count that as another sign of coolness for this car. It just doesn’t give a crap if you are comfortable or not!

Photos by Los Coches De Paco via Autogespot

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