/2018 Lincoln Navigator Has Seriously Cool Drive Mode Graphics

2018 Lincoln Navigator Has Seriously Cool Drive Mode Graphics

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There are a lot of things to like about the new 2018 Lincoln Navigator, including, as it turns out, the awesome graphics it shows you every time you change the driving mode. Yep, an entire design team was apparently  engaged in creating these cool graphics, and we have admit they have nailed it. 

So, depending on the drive mode you choose in your 2018 Lincoln Navigator,  which is by the way an all-weather SUV capable dealing with any kind of terrain, the instrument cluster changes shape in an elaborate and fancy way. You have to see them in action for yourself:

No wonder Ford can’t keep up with the demand for this car. We’d pay a 100 grand just for these graphics, even though they might prove a little distracting if you change the driving mode on the move. In any case, the Navigator has three terrain and weather-related modes, including Deep conditions for extreme snow and mud, Slippery for wet or icy conditions, and Slow climb, for steep terrain. There are also three “type of ride” modes: Normal, Conserve (efficient) and Excite.

“The beauty of these drive modes is they’re intuitive and easy to use,” said Andrew Kernahan, chief engineer, The Lincoln Motor Company. “You don’t have to know how each drive mode is developed, or adjust suspension settings or powertrain mapping. You just have to turn the dial, and the behavior of the vehicle is modified to fit the conditions or desired experience.”

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