/Everything you need to know about car shipping in US

Everything you need to know about car shipping in US

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Car shipping in the US can be very expensive. At times when it becomes inevitable to orchestrate this process, you need to search for the best strategy to complete it successfully. Instead to brainstorm the ideas on the matter and risk making a serious mistake, pay attention to what follows. Here is everything you need to know about shipping your car in the US.

Is shipping your car worth all the trouble and expenses?

There are myriads of reasons that can make shipping your car unavoidable. Most often, it is due to a move. Interestingly, in the mere beginning, we cannot but pose the question if your vehicle is worth both the whole trouble and the necessary expenses. Depending on the distance of your new home location and the condition of your car, it may be more sensible to choose a diametrically opposite solution. How about selling your car, saving some money and then buying a new four-wheeled pet once you settle down? Could that be a new task to include in the perfect organizational tool for your move? Deal with some calculations and then decide.

What type of a car carrier trailer should you choose?

There are two options available. You can choose either open or an enclosed car carrier trailer. The decision you make will depend on your budget and the type of your car

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Open car carrier trailer

This is a more affordable option. It is significantly cheaper but considerably less secure. Should you opt for this type of trailer, your car will be exposed to weather elements and debris during transport. Furthermore, it will be kept in place with chains which can cause damages if they are too loose.  Thus, if you are a proud owner of one of the AAA best cars, for example, avoiding this type of car shipping seems utterly reasonable.

Enclosed car carrier trailer

Shipping your car in an enclosed car carrier trailer can be up to 60% more expensive. However, it is yet a much more favorable option. Your vehicle will be utterly safe and protected from the elements, dirt, and theft. In addition, respectable car shipping companies which offer this type of service use nylon straps to prevent any movement. Understandably, this further decreases any likelihood of damage occurrence.

How to find a reliable company for shipping your car in the US?

The company in charge of shipping your car is the crucial factor for the success of the whole process. Hence, making the final choice is a great responsibility. Make sure you start the search for an appropriate company on time. Only this way will you be able to make the best and most reasonable decision.

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How to choose potential car shipping companies?

Choosing potential car shipping companies is highly similar to choosing potential movers. You need a trustworthy and respectable company as Master Moving Guide is in the moving industry. Start by asking people in your surrounding for recommendations and then continue by searching the internet. Moreover, it can be beneficial to visit the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s website. There you can check the companies’ licenses, insurance record and the history of customers’ complaints. Also, visiting reputable review websites and forums can be helpful. Understandably, under no circumstances should you make a hasty decision or use a shipping company randomly. You can consider choosing a car shipping company like the ones from this site https://www.rcgauto.com/services/shipping/states/.

Choose the safest, not the cheapest

Regardless of the budget, the quality of service should be your top priority. Most often, by paying a slightly higher price, you can hire a car shipping company which uses contemporary equipment, employs knowledgeable staff and careful drivers, and provides safety for your vehicle.

Insurance is compulsory when shipping your car in the US

Trying to save some money on the insurance when shipping your car is out of the question. Needless to say, accidents do happen and the proper insurance is the best strategy to be entitled to compensation. If you are a responsible car owner who applies numerous strategies to extend the life of the car, this is the final step to make your vehicle secured. Firstly, check your insurance policy and then obtain the information on the liability insurance coverage your shipping company offers. Generally, reputable carriers have $5,000 to $1,000,000 in coverage.

Necessary preparations for shipping your car in the US

As one might expect, preparations are necessary prior to shipping your car. The steps you need to take include the following:

Clean your car thoroughly – This is mandatory to be able to notice any scratches, marks or dents before the shipping. When your shipping company sends an assessor to inspect your car during a standard procedure, you will be well-prepared to see whether your findings match.

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  • Take some pictures of your car prior to shipping – These pictures will be a valid proof of the current condition of your car. They will be very helpful if you need to file a complaint against the shipping company due to a damage occurrence.
  • Inform the company on time if your car is inoperable. – If this is the case, you will, unfortunately, have to pay an additional fee because it is impossible to drive your car on and off the trailer.
  • Leave some gas in the tank and keep the battery full.
  • Check the antifreeze level – This is extremely important if shipping your car happens in winter. You will want to make sure your car can handle the weather conditions during transport.
  • Remove any additional items you might have in the car. The car shipping company will not be responsible for them. Hence, if these items get damaged or lost in the process, you will be entitled to zero compensation.
  • Remove your EZ Pass. – If you fail to do this, you will cause additional expense to your budget. Interestingly, your transponder can be read even if your vehicle is an enclosed car carrier trailer.

How long does shipping your car take?

Knowing the necessary timeframe for a company to deliver your car to a certain location is important when planning the whole process. If there are no delays or unexpected circumstances, domestic delivery usually takes four weeks. On the other hand, shipping a car abroad can take up to eight weeks. Thus, arm yourself with patience. The safe arrival of your car at the final destination is the top priority. Reckless driving is a major cause of car accidents and it can endanger the success of the process. Therefore, when shipping your car, be ready to wait as long as it takes.

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