Wald Mercedes G-Class Black Bison

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Japanese tuner Wald International released new pictures of their Black Bison kit designed for the Mercedes G-Class. It fits all the old and new G-Wagens, including AMG versions, and make them look much more exclusive.

Sadly we can’t say it also makes them look cooler, because it just doesn’t. The ingredients of the Black Bison kit for the G-Class is designed to make it more showy and ostentatious, which are unfortunately the exact qualities that most G-Wagen buyers are after these days. Even the standard AMG versions are too chintzy today. People buy this car for its presence, and what Wald does is boost that even further.

The car gets a new front bumper with LED lights, revised grille, modified bonnet with extra vents – in this case finished in exposed carbon, new side moldings, extended wheel arches, new side steps, carbon accents on the sills and rear fenders, revised rear bumper, and a new roof spoiler.

Great, now who’s got an old G55 for sale?




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