Merdad Highland GTC – New Two-Door Range Rover

Merdad Highland GTC 1 545x349 at Merdad Highland GTC   New Two Door Range Rover

All major tuners are hard at work these days trying to come up with the best upgrade package for the new 2013 Range Rover. Now, prestigious British tuner Merdad Collection has gone a step further than that and is proposing a two-door conversion kit for the luxury SUV.

Called the Highland GTC, this two-door 2013 Range Rover features elongated front doors and new sills, new side windows, and also a wide body kit consisting of a chin spoiler, sport bonnet, fenders extensions, rear diffuser and a big rear wing.

The package also includes a sport lowered suspension, large wheels and a revamped interior. Two-door conversion usually looks great on Range Rovers, especially the Sport models, but we’re not so sure about this one. The car looks good, at least in these preview pictures, but is it cool? The normal Range Rover is pretty showy as it is, so…

Merdad offers this package for all Range Rover models regardless of the engines, even the 3.0 liter diesel. But they have a special treatment for the supercharged model with up to 700 horsepower. This one costs a whopping €377,000.

Merdad Highland GTC 2 545x373 at Merdad Highland GTC   New Two Door Range Rover

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