RevoZport Mercedes A-Class Tuning Kit Announced

RevoZport Mercedes A Class 1 600x353 at RevoZport Mercedes A Class Tuning Kit Announced

The new generation Mercedes A-Class represents one of the most successful makeovers in the history of automotive. The car went from being a total bum into something so amazing that big time tuners such as Brabus and now RevoZport pick it for their projects. Here’s what RevoZ has in store for the mid-range A250 model.

The car in question here is equipped with the AMG sport package that gives the A250 half the looks of a proper A45 AMG. What RevoZ does is enhancing that kit using their own signature additions. S you get a carbon fiber front splitter with little winglets on each side and carbon surrounds for the air intakes, carbon fiber side skirts, a sport vented hood, rear diffuser unit and a carbon rear wing.

Each of these parts of course can be ordered individually. This is a good compromise for those who like the look of the A-Class, but think the A45 is a bit too boy racerish!

In terms of performance, RevoZ takes the standard 210 PS 2.0 liter turbo engine of the A250 and hooks it up with new and high performance air intakes, a titanium exhaust system with downpipe and everything, and new software.

The result is an output of 290 PS, which is not as beefy as the A45’s 360, but still plenty enough to have some serious fun. This is a tasteful and well-rounded tuning package for the little A.


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