Volvo ‘Mean Green’ Beats Porsche Cayman R In Drag Race

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190713vt Volvo World Record truck 4 600x375 at Volvo Mean Green Beats Porsche Cayman R In Drag Race

Volvo’s amazing ‘Mean Green’ hybrid truck accomplishes yet another feat by beating a Porsche Cayman R sports car in an acceleration race. The race was part of s a show program to spice things up at the ADAC Truck Grand Prix 2013 at the Nurburgring – the most important truck racing event of the season.

They lined up the Volvo hybrid truck ‘Mean Green’ and its tamer Boije Ovebrink against one of the world’s finest sports car, the Porsche Cayman R. It was a battle of lightness and agility versus raw power. And the raw power triumphed.

190713vt Mean Green at Nürburgring 600x289 at Volvo Mean Green Beats Porsche Cayman R In Drag Race

The lightweight Porsche has 330 horsepower which is a good amount in the world of small sports car. The Volvo, on the other hand, has a monstrous 2,100hp and 7,000Nm of torque. With that kind of power, the weight is not really a big issue.

So David and Goliath went at it in a 350 meters sprint race right at the Nurburgring’s main straight, and although the race started off neck-and-neck, the Mean Green crossed the finishing line ahead of the Porsche. It covered the distance of the race in 12 seconds and at a speed of 180kph (112 mph).

190713vt Boije celebrates his win 600x399 at Volvo Mean Green Beats Porsche Cayman R In Drag Race

“The start was a bit slow, but after I changed to 8th gear I knew I would win,” said Ovebrink after the competition. “Winning this race in front of all my friends and fans at Nürburgring was just perfect.”

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