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McLaren 675LT Gets a Boost from Mcchip

McLaren 675LT Mcchip-1

Honestly we don’t know why anyone would want to have their McLaren 675LT tuned, seeing as the thing is more than satisfactorily fast out of the box, but the guys at Mcchip-DKR have come up with a handy treatment that takes care of that job nicely. Through the magic of software and some exhaust trickery they […]

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Range Rover Evoque Convertible “Phoenix”

Kahn Range Rover Evoque Convertible Phoenix-0

For some reason the name Phoenix is often associated with sinister stuff like military and intelligence operations. That is probably why Project Kahn has chosen this name for their new Range Rover Evoque Convertible upgrade package. The thing does indeed look pretty sinister in this bright shade of orange.

Liberty Walk Ferrari 488 Debuts at TAS 2017

Liberty Walk Ferrari 488-0

It may not count as an all-new package, because in truth it is a revised version of the 458 kit, but that doesn’t take away from how friggin’ sexy the new Liberty Walk Ferrari 488 looks. Maybe it’s the color on this particular one, or maybe it’s the GTB’s mean and angry. Whatever it is, […]

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BMW M2 Gains 410 PS Through Software Mod

BMW M2 Mcchip-0

It is a known, though not often talked about, fact that M GmbH engines have an immense potential for upgrades. Some of them are actually underrated by the car maker. In the case of the BMW M2 the potential is so high that with a simple chip tuning you can gain an extra 40 horsepower.

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RDBLA Porsche 911 R with Special Wrap

RDBLA Porsche 911 R-0

Those who ordered a Porsche 911 R early on may be a bit upset now because in their haste to put in an order first they didn’t take time to spec up the car and choose a cool paint work. That’s important, because the later models boast such amazing colors and are fetching such high […]

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Brabus Mercedes-AMG C63 Wagon 650 “Green Hell”

Brabus Mercedes-AMG C63 Wagon 650-0

One thing almost all high-end Brabus models, distinguished by a big number at the end of their name, have in common is the metallic black paint work which is what gives them that sweet Brabus meanness. Lately though, the tuner has developed a taste for funkier colors, as seen with this green Mercedes-AMG C63 Wagon.

Mercedes G500 4×4² – Standard vs Brabus

Mercedes G500 4x4-Brabus-0

If you go out shopping for a new Mercedes G500 4×4² you will quickly realize that a standard model will set you back around 260K Euros, whereas a Brabus-tuned version is 460K Euros, there and thereabouts. In this article we will show you what the extra 200K buys you with some help from guys at […]

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Up Close with RWB Porsche 911 in London

RWB Porsche 911 London

When you look at the pictures of a RWB Porsche 911 you can’t help thinking if that thing is even drivable, what with those massive wheel arches and insane dished wheels, not to mention the unreasonably low ride height. But i is, and that’s the beauty of the Rauh Welt Begriff treatment… that it enables […]

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Carlex Design Porsche Cayenne Interior Package

Carlex Design Porsche Cayenne-0

The boys at Carlex have done a new Porsche Cayenne, only this one scores, on a scale of one to ten in terms of uniqueness, a solid seventy-two. Whoever ordered the treatment on this Carlex Design Porsche Cayenne S clearly wasn’t happy with the standard colors and materials and wanted totally different.

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Prior Design Mercedes SLS Filmed in Action

Prior Design Mercedes SLS video

While we often get a ton of pictures with every hot new tuner car that comes out, it is not often that we are treated to a video of that car strutting its stuff and showing us how those fancy panels and aero parts look on the move. That makes the footage you are about […]

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Preview: Rowen Ferrari 488 GTB

Rowen Ferrari 488 GTB-prv-1

Japanese tuner is mostly associated with doing up low and mid-range cars from ordinary brands like Lexus and BMW. This time though, they are trying their hand at upgrading something pretty high-end. This is an early look at the Rowen Ferrari 488 GTB styling kit, being prepared for debut at the 2017 Tokyo Auto Salon.

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Wheelsandmore Audi RS6 Gets 820 horsepower

Wheelsandmore Audi RS6-0

If you thought ABT was good at extracting big power out of an Audi engine, you clearly haven’t heard of WaM. This mean, matte beauty is Wheelsandmore Audi RS6 and it has a colossal 820 horsepower output thanks to a modified engine featuring custom turbochargers.

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Porsche 918 Filled with Balls for a Noble Cause


Working with exotic cars is more than just a business for SR Auto Group. It’s a way of life. That is why even the charity works they often do has something to do with a high-end hyper car modified in a really classy way. This time, in their effort to help their local food bank, […]

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AC Schnitzer BMW X6 Says Hello from Abu Dhabi

AC Schnitzer BMW X6-BMWAD-0

At this rate pretty soon the city of Abu Dhabi will be declared as the world capital of tricked-out Bimmers. BMW Abu Dhabi just does not seem capable of stomaching stock model have to modify their models through the company’s own Individual program or aftermarket treatments. This AC Schnitzer BMW X6 belongs to the latter […]

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ABT Audi SQ7 with 520 PS, 970 Nm

ABT Audi SQ7 520-1

Audi Q7 is not really a player in the big-league, high-powered SUV game, and that’s something German tuner ABT Sportsline just cannot handle. So they took matters into their own hand and came up with the ABT Audi SQ7 which has enough power to at least challenge the authority of the likes of Cayenne Turbo, […]

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