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Eve.Ryn BMW i8 Dark Knight

bmw i8 dark knight

As usual, if you are in search of the craziest, most zesty body kits you have to search for your object of desire in the catalogs of Japanese tuners. The car we’re featuring this time is the BMW i8 which a tuner called Garage Eve.Ryn has tuned into a weird and wonderful thing they call Energy […]

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Novitec Maserati Levante Esteso Has a Lot of Pizzazz!

Novitec Maserati Levante Esteso-0

If you felt let down with Novitec Tridente’s first attempt at improving Maserati’s new Levante SUV, prepare to forgive them. They tuners went back to the drawing board, changed a few things styling-wise, and came up with Novitec Maserati Levante Esteso which is, to all intents and purposes, the hottest Maser they’ve ever built. 

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Liberty Walk Mercedes C63 AMG Wide Body


Famed Japanese tuner Liberty Walk have been busy lately with a bunch of super car they wanted to widen, but that doesn’t mean they’ve forgotten about the less glamorous cars whose owners want a taste of LB goodness. So they are in the process of producing the Liberty Walk Mercedes C63 AMG package, a wide body […]

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Prior Design McLaren 570S Looks Athletic


The next hot car to come out of Prior Design‘s workshop in 2017 is a reinterpretation of what McLaren’s Sport Series should look like. The Prior Design McLaren 570S boasting the PD1 aero kit really does put the “sport” in Sport Series by adding a number of well designed and functional components. 

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By its nature, BMW M2 is a car at home both on the road and on the race track. But just as it is not a perfect road car – in that it is small and not that comfortable – it also has compromises as a track car. That is where LIGHTWEIGHT BMW M2 CSR comes […]

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Prior Design Tesla Model S PD-S1000


Prior Design has been working on some high-end cars lately such as the Mercedes C-Class Coupe, which is without a doubt one of their finest creations to date. Now they have also added an EV to their portfolio with the Prior Design Tesla Model S PD-S1000.

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Eye Candy: Prior Design Mercedes C-Class Coupe


When the designer were trying to come up with Prior Design Mercedes C-Class Coupe body kit, we suspect, they thought about what Megan Fox would look like in a lingerie, because the result is just as hot! This is hands down one of the best looking cars we’ve seen in 2017. 

Official: Mansory Mercedes-AMG GLS 63

Mansory Mercedes-AMG GLS 63

There are those who argue the new Mercedes GLS is not really upgradable in terms of style because it has a uniquely bland look to it. But Mansory Mercedes-AMG GLS 63 disagrees and proves that with some wide fenders and a boatload of carbon fiber you can make the big Merc SUV look impressive. 

740-hp Mercedes S63 Coupe COMBAT MONSTER!


With looks like that, you do need a name like this! The COMBAT MONSTER Mercedes S63 Coupe AMG wide body is quite possibly the sickest tuned version of this car we’ve seen, with the possible exception of Mansory S63. This car is a the result of a joint project with names such as Fostla, PP-Performance, and […]

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Techart Porsche Cayenne Magnum “30 Years” Edition

Techart Porsche Cayenne Magnum

A special version of the thoroughly familiar Techart Porsche Cayenne Magnum upgrade kit celebrates the 30th anniversary of the brand in style. With the wealth of experience the German firm has accumulated in upgrading Porsches over the past three decades you would expect this Magnum to be quite extraordinary, and so it is.

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Range Rover Sport SVR by Kahn Design


It is inevitable for every new Range Rover that comes out of the factory to get a Kahn treatment, and so, even though it did take a while, here it is now, the Kahn Range Rover Sport SVR Supercharged which the tuner calls Pace Car. What Kahn have done here, in their own words, is taking […]

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Lumma Jaguar F-Pace Kit Goes Official


Following an early preview, the highly anticipated Lumma Jaguar F-Pace CLR F tuning package is now available, as showcased here in full glory. The upgrade package for the British SUV consists of cool body kit, a number of interior enhancements, some awesome wheels, and a decent power upgrade.

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Techart Porsche Panamera GrandGT 2017


The biggest, coolest, and most thorough styling kit for the Panamera is back with a new version. We are talking about the Techart Porsche Panamera GrandGT which is really more than just a styling kit. The changes are so deep, it is more like a coachbuild project. 

Aston Martin DB11 by Wheelsandmore


German tuner of exotic machines, Wheelsandmore, becomes the first firm to come up with a proper upgrade package for the new Aston Martin DB11. As with most of their works, the DB11 project is more about substance than visual features, which is fair enough since this Aston is a helluva looker in standard factory guise.

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Hennessey Camaro ZL1 EXORCIST with 1000 hp


When it came to naming their latest high powered Camaro, Hennessey Performance decided their usual formula of adding HPE and a number to the end of it just won’t cut it no more. So they looked into the character of the car and came up with Hennessey Camaro ZL1 EXORCIST. Now that’s more like it. 

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