/BMW X6 Diesel by Hartge

BMW X6 Diesel by Hartge

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BMW X6 is a handsome car, no doubt about it. So you think that it would become hilarious with some professional tuning, but weirdly all of the jobs done on the X6 so far only made it worse, much worse! The latest company trying their hands on ruining the car is Hartge…

Hartge, like other tuners insist on putting a badly shaped bodykit on the X6, while it doesn’t really need it! You wanna make it look better just drop the suspension and put some big wheels under it, that’s all. You shouldn’t mess with its styling because X6 is born with this abstract design and you can’t really change it!

Hatge might be terrible with designing, but they are unbelievably good with mechanics. In their portfolio you find some of the fastest bimmers ever made. This time they’ve picked, understandably, X6’s 3.0 liter diesel engine and put it on steroids. There was no point in upgrading a petrol engine since BMW itself has recently launched the X6M with a twin turbo V8, and no one would have a tuned one over the equally good standard ! But Hartge diesel is pretty impressive too. 323hp and enormous torque of 675Nm is what you normally get from a big V8 gas guzzler, but now you can have it from a fuel efficient 3.0 liter V6.

The Hartge kit doesn’t come cheap, it’ll cost you 29,353 Euros plus the cost of an X6 xDrive35d. But for that you also get those brilliant 22inch wheels!

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