/Nissan Murano Convertible may become reality

Nissan Murano Convertible may become reality

nissan murano convertible at Nissan Murano Convertible may become reality

The idea of having a drop top SUV is very tempting, but no manufacturer has tried it so far ( those topless Jeep Wranglers don’t count, we are talking proper SUVs!) for whatever reason, safety or cost or…, but apparently Nissan is going to take the risk and make a convertible version of its trendy 4×4, the Murano.

According to the source the Murano convertible will be a two-door with a traditional fabric roof rather than a folding metal one to keep the weight and presumably the costs low. And it will come, like the normal Murano, in one trim and option level with the same 3.5 liter V6 engine developing 265 hp and the CVT gearbox. The hardtop Murano is very well-known for its ride quality so let’s hope that this drop top conversion won’t ruin it! Because when you remove the roof of a car, more importantly a SUV in this case, a lot of structural works need to be done to make sure the handling is right or else you end up with something which drives like a clown car! Naturally for a high-riding SUV that is trickier.

So expect the Murano Convertible to arrive in about a year, although they say it’ll be produced in limited numbers.

source: Straightline

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