/Carlsson 1/5 Evo wheels for Mercedes G-Class

Carlsson 1/5 Evo wheels for Mercedes G-Class

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Carlsson says that their new 10×22 inch Evo 1/5 wheels might be light but they are amazingly tough and can tackle 1100KG load capacity. Therefore these wheels are the perfect choice for the mighty G-Wagon, as it too is tough and sophisticated at the same time. A set of these Carlsson Evo wheels cost 2140 Euros.

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The Mercedes-Benz G-Class is made for off-road use and can therefore bear enormous forces. For the Carlsson engineers this is the perfect possibility to demonstrate that their lightest wheel can also resist hardest wear.

The wheel 1/5 Evo Ultra Light in the dimension 10×22 inches tackles an astonishing 1,100-kilogramme load capacity. The engineers achieve this enormous capacity with an elaborate forging process. Thereby, the aluminium is compressed in such a strong way that any air inclusion is forced out of the material. This process does not only allow maximum rigidity, but also saves up to 40 percent weight compared to other wheels in similar dimensions. Therefore, the unsprung masses are reduced and that leads to a more agile road behaviour.

In addition, the automobile manufacturer from Merzig/Germany offers the wheel 1/5 Evo UL for the Mercedes-Benz GL-Class, ML-Class, R-Class and for the premium segments S-Class and CL-Class.

The wheel measuring 10×22 inches is available for 2,140 EUR including VAT.

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