/Tuning: Gangsta VW Scirocco by JMS!

Tuning: Gangsta VW Scirocco by JMS!

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Another day and another tuning package for the VW Scirocco, this time by JMS. And this one is actually the coolest we’ve seen so far! Not only it looks ‘ready to attack’ , they have fitted a new exhaust system which gives the Scirocco an angry bark to match its angry face! It’s a bad boys Scirocco! It’s the Caddy Escalade of hatchbacks!

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JMS has stayed away from those ostentatious boy racer bodykits and instead offers you a macho kit which is classy, discrete and sporty. Front spoiler lip, side skirts, and a rear diffuser are new parts for the exterior.

A tuning package is always incomplete without some serious lowering! So JMS drops the car by 5 inches at front and 4.5 at the back by using H&R coilovers. So far the Scirocco looks 200 percent better than the standard version. But the final and most important part to improve styling is the choosing the right rims.  JMS installs absolutely magnificent 19 inch Oxigin wheels which are 8.5 inch wide at front and covered with 225/35 rubber and at the back 9.5 inch wide with 255/30.

And the final stage of this kit is the fitment of new Eisenmann mufflers which not only produce a sporty noise, they also increase the power by 4 horsepower!!

It’s amazing how cooler a car can become simply by some extra parts, suspension lowering and a set of nice wheels. We are really approve of this sorta tuning, macho, sporty and discrete. Well done JMS!

For a reasonable amount of money you can turn your Scirocco into one cool ride! The whole package costs 5236 Euros (2200 Euros of this price is for the wheels!)

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