/2010 Nissan GT-R European Spec

2010 Nissan GT-R European Spec

2010 Nissan GTR at 2010 Nissan GT R European Spec

Nissan released further details on the European version of the updated 2010 Nissan GT-R. Apart from two new ducts under the car that you can’t see, no changes have been made to the car’s appearance, but it features a number key updates which make it more of driver’s car. It comes with re-tuned suspension with new components, re-tuned brakes and upgraded cooling, plus an enhanced multimedia system. GT-R is now also Euro 5 compliant, without loss of output or performance, with CO2 emissions having dropped by 3g to 295g/km.

Nissan engineers have improved the ride comfort in the new model by adjusting the car’s front spring and damper rates. They say that it has also improved the handling. Furthermore at the rear, the stiffness of the suspension radius rod bushings has been increased, giving improved feel and responsiveness during cornering.

The logic controlling torque distribution between the front and rear axles when the GT-R is manoeuvring at low speeds just after start-up, when fluids are cold, has been altered to reduce rear-axle ‘binding’. Furthermore, the logic in the gearbox has been changed to give a later downshift from 6th to 5th when being driven in automatic mode, but a more aggressive downshift pattern is adopted when changing down from 4th to 3rd, and from 3rd to 2nd gear.

GT-R’s carbon fiber underfloor diffuser now has two new NACA cooling ducts in it which will provide additional cooling to the exhaust and gearbox. Also a new, larger diameter pipe connecting the oil cooler will reduce gearbox temperatures.

Nissan has also addressed the issue of vibration through the driveline under high-load conditions by stiffening the front transmission mount. The balance of the electronic brakeforce distribution bias has been moved slightly rearwards, giving greater braking stability in dry conditions, while a change in design of the rear brake cross spring has reduced noise and a modified air deflector increases rear brake cooling.

2010 GT-R is also equipped with Nissan’s next generation combined audio and navigation system, offering improved ease-of-operation, new and updated features. It has a 40GB Hard Disk Drive which maps of all European countries now including Turkey, Eastern Europe and Russia, as well as a new easy to follow 3D navigation guidance with improved graphics and a more realistic depiction of the road and landmarks ahead. The resolution of the new 7 inch screen is up to four times better than the previous generation system. On-screen instructions can be displayed in eight different languages – English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch and Russian – while voice recognition is supported in seven – English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and Dutch.

Another benefit of the HDD information and entertainment system is the incorporation of a 9.3GB Music Box library which can store music from up to 300 CDs. The download takes place automatically when a CD is inserted into the CD player, if selected.This system also has with iPod and USB connectivity.

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