/Mercedes E-500 Coupe By VATH

Mercedes E-500 Coupe By VATH

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Since there’s no AMG version of the new Mercedes E-Coupe is available yet, when German tuner Vath decided to tune one they went for the most powerful model, the E 500. Apparently they did this just to keep busy! because it’s not another 600 hp monster. It doesn’t even have 500! The Merc’s V8 is upped from 388 to 435 hp and 575 nm of peak torque.

This power increment is the result of optimizing the engine’s software, including raising the maximum speed limit, sport air filter and complete sport exhaust device with sport catalysts. They say that it now can do 280 km/h, although the new speedo goes up to 330!

One of the greatest features of Vath E500 Coupe is the adjustable suspension which can lower the car from 20 to 65 mm. Furthermore they have equipped the car with 6-position brake calipers and 378 mm large brake disks, 20 inch 3-part Smiths Wheels and high-efficiency 245/30-20 and 285/25-20 tires.

There’s also a complete carbon fiber body kit with front and rear spoilers and diffuser, but it’s quite discrete and barely noticeable. The interior can also be individualize with new carbon trims and extra equipments.

Although this tuning package is fairly light, it sports a hefty price tag! The complete package will cost you almost 34,000 Euros!!! That’s a big price to pay for going like 30 km/h faster, because the no one can tell this car apart from the standard based on the looks!

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