/Video: AMS Nissan GT-R 9-Second Quarter Mile

Video: AMS Nissan GT-R 9-Second Quarter Mile

To prove capabilities of their 850 hp Nissan GT-R, AMS Performance has come up with a simple test: Quarter mile drag! Powered by the SR850 package, this GT-R develops 365 hp more than the already powerful standard car. The result is plain to see, it ran the quarter mile in 9.89 seconds while doing 145.98 mph! And remember, it’s not a purpose-built dragster, it still got all the luxury stuff inside.

AMS Performance SR850 package details:


  • Reliable 365 horsepower increase over stock
  • OEM like fit and finish
  • 2 AMS custom tunes incorporating hundreds of testing hours
  • Big power gains without compromising drivability
  • 9 second quarter mile achievable on race gas
  • 75% gain in horsepower with no compromises in drivability or spool time!!

Kit includes

  • AMS 90mm cat-less downpipes (catalytic converters available)
  • AMS 90mm resonated mid-pipe (race version available)
  • AMS 90mm exhaust system using stock appearing tips
  • AMS upgraded ball bearing turbochargers
  • AMS spec. wastegate actuators
  • AMS front mount intercooler upgrade
  • AMS 76mm intercooler piping (black) with HKS blow off valves
  • AMS high-flow intake piping  (black) with K&N air filters
  • AMS spec. upgraded fuel injectors
  • AMS fuel system upgrade
  • Cobb AccessPORT tuning system
  • AMS calibration map dialed in for your car and conditions on both pump gas and race gas


  • Add catalytic converters to downpipes
  • Substitute race mid-pipe (removes muffler)
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