/Switzer Reveals 900-hp Nissan GTR!

Switzer Reveals 900-hp Nissan GTR!

switzer e900 GTR at Switzer Reveals 900 hp Nissan GTR!

Another day and another power package from Switzer Performance for Nissan GTR! Honestly we thought that their 800-hp P800 was the best they could do, but we were wrong. They’ve now come up with a 900-hp edition, which runs on E85-Ethanol. It means this monster is also a bit environmentally responsible! Of course the modifications are very very deep on this one, but think about it, if the P800 could beat the Veyron, how capable is this thing?!

Hit the jump for more details and also a video of the car’s dyno test…

“The P800 is already at the limit of what we feel comfortable for the stock GTR transmission,” explains Switzer. “So to go further we really needed to beef up the transmission. We contacted Dodson Motorsports in New Zealand and explained what our goals were with the car – 900 hp, more clutch area, ad smooth shifting at every speed. The new transmission is the product of several months’ co-development between Switzer and Dodson, and is exactly what we needed in order to start pushing the GTR forward beyond 800 hp.”

“In a way, the solution was all around us,” offers Switzer, whose shop is located deep in Ohio’s farm country, surrounded – literally! – by cornfields. “E85 isn’t without its trade-offs. We had to modify the fuel system to handle the fuel and significantly increase the size of the injectors, also, but in the end we had a fuel that gave us everything we needed to crank up the boost on this car and deliver over 900 hp.” The E85 delivered other benefits as well: it is significantly “greener” than the pump-gas and race-gas versions of the GTR. “With most high-horsepower cars, you can barely breathe after just a few dyno runs. With the E85, we were able to run pull after pull to dial in the tune without feeling any effects of the usual emissions. It’s hardly scientific, but there was a noticeable improvement in the air quality in the shop compared to race gas.”

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