/BMW X5M Typhoon By G-Power

BMW X5M Typhoon By G-Power

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Some people believe that BMW X5M is a rather pointless car, becasue it has no real off-road capability and because of its size you can’t really use its massive 555 hp. So they are not going to like this either! This is the new Typhoon X5M by G-Power, and it has a colossal 725 hp. It is even more useless off the road as the standard car and the power is not that usable in real world, but just knowing that you have 725 hp at your disposal is a great sensation!

The new big Typhoon wide body kit which is optimized in terms of aerodynamic and cooling is very flash, but that goes well with the character of the car. It wasn’t supposed to be discrete anyway! The car comes with massively flared arches, illuminated side sills, and a pair of huge tailpipes right in the middle of the rear bumper.

The sills on the Typhoon serve not only as aerodynamically efficient transitions between the front and rear flares, they also house five LED units on each side that illuminate the ground on each side of the vehicle when activated either by remote control or by pulling the door handle. Along the upper surfaces, stainless steel inserts integrate a G-POWER logo also illuminated in blue.

Enough of the looks, let’s talk about the really good part which is the engine! That V8 bi-turbo unit is revised to the smallest details and gets better turbochargers, intercoolers, manifolds, exhausts and electronics. As a result, it kicks out 725 hp at 6,000 r/min and 890 Nm of torque at 1,500 r/min.

With the reinforced transmission at hand the car can now do 0 to 100 km/h in 4.2 seconds, and since there’s no limiter, way pass 300 km/h.

As for the price ,well it sounds quite reasonable considering the kit you get! That Typhoon body kit is priced at 12,185 euros, 23-inch G-POWER SILVERSTONE RS or EDITION wheel set with MICHELIN tyres run for 8,865 euros, and the complete engine tuning costs 18,000 euros.

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