/Nissan LEAF Rated at 99 MPG

Nissan LEAF Rated at 99 MPG

nissan leaf epa sticker at Nissan LEAF Rated at 99 MPG

No, you haven’t been misinformed! Nissan LEAF is an all electric car. So what’s that MPG rating you might ask? Well, that’s the MPG equivalent compared to a normal car, considering the LEAF’s range and electric cost. According to EPA, 33.7kW-hrs is equivalent to one gallon of fuel, so when you do the math you arrive at 99 mpg combined for the electric Nissan. It’s also rated the best in all environmental factors, but there’s no getting away from the fact that it takes 7 hours to become fully charged, and that only gives you a range of about 70 miles. That’s not going to be very convenient in real life.

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