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Nissan New Mobility Concept

nissan mobility 1 at Nissan New Mobility Concept

Nissan’s latest proposal for zero emission mobility is this thing you see here, which is in essence a Golf cart with doors and electric motors! But it is a platform upon which they are examining new technologies to improve the current EV. They are thinking of new ways to improve efficiency and minimize drawbacks of electric motoring.

Their New Mobility Concept is a two-seater compact mobility for various needs and occasions, which is supposed to be easy to drive and park, have maneuverability equivalent to motorbikes with greater safety, and no emissions at all while driving. They say it’s a perfect mobility solution for everyday life. The thing is, everyday life does not have to be so dull!

Nissan will study the use of this vehicle for a variety of services, such as:

  • ‘seamless mobility service’, a highly efficient and convenient public transportation service linking public transportation and EVs supported by IT,
  • ‘2-mode EV car sharing’, where the vehicle is used as a private commuter vehicle in the mornings and evenings, and as a corporate car during business hours, and,
  • contributing to the revitalisation of communities with improved mobility in both urban and tourist locations.

nissan mobility 2 at Nissan New Mobility Concept

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