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Nissan LEAF PCP Finance Plan

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Most people are not yet aware of the new path that the automotive worlds has taken toward going electric, so they need  some encouragement to get to know this thing and eventually buy them! To be honest its hard to sell the current EVs based on the looks, performance and range, so the manufacturers try to boast their low running cost, tax exemption and interesting finance deal. Nissan for example is offering the LEAF from £397/month in UK.

Nissan LEAF, the 2011 European Car of The Year, is now available on a Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) scheme, with the residual value being underwritten by Nissan. So you pay the same amount of monthly payment you would for a normal car, but becasue of the low running costs you should make a big saving at the other end.

With a deposit of £3,850 for example, the Nissan LEAF can be had for just £397.17 per month. After three years the car can be handed back, refinanced or the customer can buy another Nissan.

Company car drivers can save even more, as the Nissan LEAF does not attract any Benefit-In-Kind liability, potentially saving thousands every year in tax. For example, a company car driver paying 40% tax and swapping a Vauxhall Astra 2.0 CDTi SE auto for a Nissan LEAF will find an extra *£301.53  in their pay packet every month – that’s like being given a rise of almost £5,000 a year!

Paul Willcox, managing director of Nissan Motor GB said: “Buyers can be confident that the LEAF will not lose value any faster than a conventional rival, thanks to the verdict of independent industry experts. Nissan is happy to show its confidence too and underwrite the future value using a PCP scheme. This will help drivers get behind the wheel of the new European Car of the Year 2011.”

36 payments OTR
(after £5,000 government grant)
Deposit Optional Final Payment APR Total Amount Payable
£397.17 £23,990 £3850 £9758 9.4% £28,204
(After £5,000 government grant for LEAF)
Nissan LEAF £11,375 47%
Toyota Prius T-Spirit £9,075 39%
Ford Focus 2.0 TDCi Auto £6,675 33%
Vauxhall Astra 2.0 CDTi Auto £7,175 31%

*Costs assumes earnings of £45,000 including fuel benefits

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