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G-Power BMW M3 GTS

G Power GTS at G Power BMW M3 GTS

BMW tuner G-Power has teased us before with their program for the special edition BMW M3 GTS, and now… well it’s still not ready! They’ve just received the car to work on, but rest assured when they done it’s going to be something extraordinary. You just have to review G-Power’s history to realize it will be.

Throughout the years G-Power has made a couple of super fast M5s and M6s, one even powered by LPG, and all of them hold record for the world’s fastest car in their class. With the M3 GTS though, it’s more than just speed. Apparently they want to take on the big daddy of track cars Porsche GT3 RS.

The regular M3 GTS has around 450 hp, but this being G-Power their version will be a helluva lot more powerful. They promise thanks to the SK II CS ‘Sporty Drive’ supercharger they’ve developed, it’ll be way above the 600 mark. Unfortunately though, they’re not going to change that horrible orange color of the car! I know that’s a special edition color, but it must be embarrassing to be seen in an orange BMW, isn’t it!

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