/Mini vs Monster 3D Video Released

Mini vs Monster 3D Video Released

A while ago we brought to you a couple of teasers for Mini’s “Mini Vs. Monster” 3d film. Now they released a copy of this film, which is just a new advertising campaign, on their Youtube channel and you can watch it here now in 2D! It’s about a monster truck which attempts to jump over four Minis, including the current Mini range, and features some cool slow motion tricks which must look much cooler in 3D. Besides TV and Internet, the 3D version will be broadcasted in Cinemas as well.

Press Release:

MINI, the premium car brand, is set to do battle with a five-tonne monster truck in its latest advertising campaign. The film will give audiences their first experience of slow-motion 3D imagery enabling viewers to experience every aspect of the blockbuster.In a world-first use of cutting-edge 3D slow motion technology, the two-minute film entitled MINI vs MONSTER, is a high-performance visual feast, designed to wow 3D-hungry audiences and leave MINI fans on the edge of their seats when it opens in cinemas today, 14 January.

Set at night in a floodlit stadium in Las Vegas, Nevada, a sell-out crowd of eclectic monster truck fans are silenced when the 1,800-horsepower truck takes to the air. In sensational 3D slow motion the truck’s tyres skim tantalisingly close to the roofs of the four-strong line-up of: MINI Cooper Convertible, MINI Cooper Clubman, MINI Cooper S and MINI Cooper S Countryman.

As the truck hurtles through the air and the crowd cheers, it is not clear whether the four-wheel cannonball will complete its trajectory.

The film was created by advertising agency, BSUR. Jason Schragger, executive creative director, said: “This new 3D technology makes you really feel like you are in the crowd and are part of the jump. You experience every detail, it’s better than being in the stands. 3D is the future of a new wave of immersive advertising which puts viewers at the heart of the action, which this film certainly does.”

The nail-biting epic required a crew of 120 people, including one stunt driver, six 3D technologists and scientists who calculated the truck’s chances, before filming with a state-of-the-art 3D rig.

Veteran stunt man Russell Steeley was behind the wheel, a monster truck driver who nearly ended his career as soon as it started. The first time Steely jumped he thought he broke his back: “I landed so hard, it knocked the wind out of me,” he said. “I sat after that to let my back heal.” Some drivers might reconsider their dedication to monster trucks. But Steeley spent six months recuperating and then got back in the truck.

In addition to 3D cinema screens, MINI vs MONSTER will broadcast in 2D on TV screens and at http://www.youtube.com/MINI from today, 14 January.

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