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Mansory Mercedes SLS AMG Cormeum

MANSORY Cormeum SLS 1 at Mansory Mercedes SLS AMG Cormeum

Mansory has done the same terrible thing they did to the SLR Renovatio to the Mercedes SLS and call it Cormeum. Debut is planned at Geneva Motor Show.

To create the Cormeum Mansory took a SLS and throw almost all of it away! The car is so different than the standard one would struggle to tell what make it is. One thing we can’t get our head around is why in the world the SLS has been given headlights from a Ferrari 599 GTB?!

The body kit on this car is massive, but looks familiar for those who have seen the Renovatio principally because it has the same sort of nose. The body, all of it, is made of exposed carbon fiber which makes it look a bit silly to be honest, but it means the car is even lighter and therefore better to drive. It is 90 kg lighter than the base SLS.

Round at the back the car loos quite good, except that big idiotic wing. It gets a nicely shaped bumper with a magnificent diffuser. Thanks to extensive modifications, the Cormeum extends by 66 millimetres at the front axle and impressive 84 millimetres at the rear axle.

MANSORY Cormeum SLS 2 at Mansory Mercedes SLS AMG Cormeum

MANSORY Cormeum uses exclusive forged wheels with central locking. They measure 9×20 inches with 265/30er tyres at the front and 11×21 inches with 295/25er tyres at the rear axle. Tires have been provided by Michelin. They’ve also used new dampers and springs that drop the car by 20 mm.

As for the engine the SLS Cormeum gets revised electronics, sports air filter and a sports exhaust system made of stainless steel. The results of these tweaks are 660 hp / 485 kW. t that doesn’t float your boat, Mansory already has an 800 hp package in the works. For the interior Mansory provides very fine and soft leather, exquisite materials like aluminum and carbon fiber inserts.

Mercifully they only make 15 units of this hideous car! Honestly, why would they do such a thing to an otherwise brilliant car?!

MANSORY Cormeum SLS 3 at Mansory Mercedes SLS AMG Cormeum
MANSORY Cormeum SLS 4 at Mansory Mercedes SLS AMG Cormeum

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