/Kicherer Mercedes SLS Gets Electric Wings

Kicherer Mercedes SLS Gets Electric Wings

kicherer sls electric wing at Kicherer Mercedes SLS Gets Electric Wings

Kicherer introduced a new option for their Mercedes SLS AMG SuperSport package called the “Electric Wings”. Do we really need to explain it?!

This idea will appeal to those SLS buyers who are a bit short or those who are incredibly lazy. As you know people below 6 feet will have a bit of a problem reaching for the door handles once they’re inside the car with seat belts on, since the doors open high up in the sky. Mercedes will sell you strap a that hangs off the door, but that’s not very elegant.

What you need is Kicherer’s solution which at the touch of a button on the dashboard or on the remote opens and closes those massive gull-wings.

Mercedes SLS’ doors are catastrophically show-offy as it is. Imagine having them electronically operated! What people will think of you? What message are you sending? Not Good!

For more details and some cool pictures of Kicherer’s SLS package Click Here.

kicherer sls amg 4 at Kicherer Mercedes SLS Gets Electric Wings

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