/62 MPG Vauxhall Astra Announced

62 MPG Vauxhall Astra Announced

vauxhall astra tdci at 62 MPG Vauxhall Astra Announced

Vauxhall announced a new version of the lovely new Astra equipped with smart Start/Stop system which returns an astonishing 62 mpg with CO2 emissions of 119g/km.

The new Astra 2.0 CDTi owes a large part of its efficiency to the start/stop system as it improves fuel economy by over 5mpg or 13 percent on the combined cycle, from 57.6mpg to 62.8mpg. Start/Stop is also available on the latest addition to the Astra range, the Sports Tourer, which benefits from an equally impressive 4.7mpg rise on the combined cycle, from 55.4 to 60.1mpg.

What’s more these models can be specified with Vauxhall’s CleanTech Combustion Technology, which guarantees exceptionally clean combustion and reduces engine noise.

The car also offers good value, not just because of its price, or its low fuel consumption, but also because you have pay very insignificant tax for it. Pricing for the 5-door Hatch starts at £22,410 for the SRi model, and £23,430 for the Sports Tourer SRi. The 2.0 CDTi Start/Stop can also be ordered in SE and Elite trims (Hatch) and SE (Sports Tourer).

Although the start/stop system is a very simple technology, but some of you might want to know more details on it. So, here it goes:

Start/Stop – Vauxhall’s pain-free solution to lower-emissions motoring

Vauxhall’s automatic Start/Stop system reduces the engine’s time spent idling, and therefore the car’s overall emissions and fuel consumption, especially during town driving. The engine automatically stops when the driver engages neutral and releases the clutch pedal, sending it into ‘Autostop’ mode. When the vehicle needs to move away again, the driver simply presses the clutch to re-start the engine and engages first gear.

For safety reasons, and for passenger comfort, the temperature regulator and brake booster vacuum control remain active in Autostop mode. And if circumstances require – for example, in start-stop traffic – the driver can manually deactivate the system using the ‘eco’ labelled Start/Stop switch.

In order for Start/Stop to function, certain criteria have to be met. The engine needs to be up to full operating temperature, and the battery needs to be sufficiently charged. The outside temperature also needs to be above freezing and the Defrost function not activated.

Apart from these parameters, the Start/Stop system includes the following ancillaries:

  • A more robust starter motor
  • A high performance battery, which ensures maximum reliability of the electrical system and the engine’s capacity to start without delay
  • An intelligent battery control with sensor, providing reliability and consistent quality
  • An energy management system responsible for trouble-free re-starting of the engine.
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