/Nissan Working on 10-Minute Chargers For EVs

Nissan Working on 10-Minute Chargers For EVs

leaf charger at Nissan Working on 10 Minute Chargers For EVs

Now that the electric vehicle is accepted as the way forward for auto industry, it’s time to address its flaws and drawbacks.

And the biggest drawback of them all is the painstakingly long recharge time. The current EV’s need at least six hours to be completely recharged. There are fast chargers around, but even they take like 3 hours and will reduce the battery life considerably.

Now Nissan is facing the problem head on and working on a new kind of chargers that take only 10 minutes to charge the conventional EV batteries. That is, apparently, thanks to a new tungsten oxide and vanadium oxide capacitor electrode developed jointly by Nissan and experts at Kansai University in Japan.

They say this technology can even result in three-minute chargers, and that, if happens, solves the problem entirely as it makes recharging as quick, or quicker, than refueling.

That said, you can’t be sure of what they say until you test the technology in the real world.

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