/2012 Nissan GTR Track Pack Details

2012 Nissan GTR Track Pack Details

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If you are planning to buy a 2012 Nissan GTR and use it as a track toy, make sure it’s got the optional Track Pack, because it makes a difference.

The standard GTR will embarrass most of Porsches and Ferraris down at the track, but this special package is specifically designed to improve lap times and give the GTR the feel of a proper race car.  Nissan says the Track Pack is for those demanding customer who want an extra edge on the race track.

GTRs fitted with TP are instantly recognizable with their lightweight six-spoke RAYS alloys with gloss black painted centres. They also feature additional cooling ducts built into the front bumper, and similar ones hidden behind the rear wheels, to cool the brakes down more efficiently thus enhancing their performance on the track.

What’s more, the suspension’s spring rates have been revised to be optimal for track use. But the 550 PS engine remains untouched. That’s fine by us, as it can do 0 to 60 in 2.7 seconds. We really don’t wanna go faster than that!

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Inside the cabin, Track Packed GTR comes with Recaro front seats trimmed with blue bolsters and a high-grip materials to keep the driver in check in fast corners, and some ‘Track Pack’ emblems. The rear seats are removed to make the car lighter.

2012 Nissan GTR Track Pack price is £84,450, which is 10 more than the standard car. Ten thousand Pounds sounds like a lot of money for a couple of springs springs, a set of wheels and two seats. But it is still much better value than similarly fast cars.

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