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Tesla Roadster Final Edition

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Tesla Motors Wraps up production of the Roadster with a limited edition of just 15 unique cars.

All these 15 units will be sold in America and are distinguished by a special paint job with atomic red as the base, black roof, and black racing stripes to complement it. The wheels are also finished in a dark shade.

That’s about it for this special swan song edition, which will certainly cost considerably more than standard versions. And don’t you dare say a mean thing about Tesla because they will sue you, like they did with Top Gear. They lost in court of course, but it wasn’t nice.

Tesla Roadster, to be brutally honest, was rubbish. It was way too expensive for what it delivered in terms of performance, style and even electric range. But it was as important to the world of cars probably as the invention of internal combustion engine. It changed many things and opened a whole new chapter. For that reason alone Tesla deserves great respect. Plus, the Roadster wasn’t that bad for a first effort.

Tesla is now busy with their first sedan, the Model S, but work is already underway on Roadster version 2.0 due in 2014.

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