/2012 Cadillac Escalade Gets New Security Features

2012 Cadillac Escalade Gets New Security Features

2012 Escalade at 2012 Cadillac Escalade Gets New Security Features

Caddy Escalade is a hugely popular car in America, and exactly because of its popularity, it is also the most stolen vehicle.

Now, Cadillac decided it’s time to up the ante security-wise, and fit the 2012 versions of the car with some new features in hope to beat even the most sophisticated thieves. In fact they’ve crammed every available theft-deterrent features into this car. Short of hiring an armed bodyguard to sit in it 24/7 you can’t do much more to protect it.

The 2012 Escalade beefits from the latest OnStar system, which provides standard additional security with a remote ignition lock that can prevent the vehicle from starting if a break-in is detected. If a vehicle is stolen, OnStar can also provide vehicle location and remotely slow the vehicle down to assist law enforcement in vehicle recovery.

New security features include:

  • PASS Key 3+, a sophisticated encryption system for the key, key cylinder and ignition system (Deters: Drive-away thefts)
  • A more-robust steering column-lock system that makes it nearly impossible to maneuver the Escalade onto a flatbed. (Deters: “push-away” thefts)
  • An available inclination sensor that sets off an alarm when the system senses an unwarranted change of the angle of the vehicle, such as would occur with towing, flat-bedding or lifting the vehicle. (Deters: towing, push-away, and wheel thefts)
  • An available shock sensor intended to reduce content theft and push-away theft by sounding the alarm when the vehicle is “shocked,” such as by breaking window glass. (Deters: Property theft)
  • An available new wheel lock system to help prevent the theft of Escalade’s wheels and tires.

Cadillac does not clearly reveal how these new stuff affect the car’s price.

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