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BMW Z8 by Senner Tuning

Senner BMW Z8 0 at BMW Z8 by Senner Tuning

Senner Tuning released the story of a good old BMW Z8 they just finished working on.

The Z8 first appeared in 2000 a modern-day take on classic BMW roadsters, namely the 507. The ingredients were amazing. A retro-looking two-seater roadster body and a 400-hp V8 from the M5 E39 sounded like quite a recipe.

Unfortunately, the end result turned out to be a bit of mess. The Z8 never felt like a proper sportscar, and it was too hard and edgy to be a true boulevard cruiser either. It was a bad compromise. Then BMW tuner Alpina decided to have a go at it, and made a number of tuned versions with automatic gearbox and revised suspension, which were a bit better but not brilliant.

Eventually BMW killed off the Z8 in 2003, having built 5,703 units of it. Now one of them has been at Senner garage for some refinements.

The tuner kindly provides the car a high-end exhaust system that adds 50hp to its output, letting it sail past the 300km/h mark. Then they fitted it with coilover suspension Variant 2 Inox-Line with an adjustable rebound, and a set of Work Schwert SC1 wheels in Diamond Black varnish with an anodized 9×19 and 10×19 inch chrome outer rims, and Continental Sport Contact 5P 255/40R19 and 285/35R19 tires.

These changes have cost € 18,900.

Senner BMW Z8 1 at BMW Z8 by Senner Tuning
Senner BMW Z8 2 at BMW Z8 by Senner Tuning

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