/Nissan Juke-R Official Performance Figures

Nissan Juke-R Official Performance Figures

juke r performance at Nissan Juke R Official Performance Figures

Even though Nissan’s top brass wasn’t happy with the Juke-R project, the engineers got it done and are now proudly announcing its performance specs and figures.

For those of you who might have forgot, Nissan Juke-R was an experimental project to see what happens if they put the Nissan GTR’s V6 bi-turbo engine in the fluffy Juke. It really had no particular purpose, and was just for funsies.

The outcome of the project however, is a very serious car capable of extraordinary performance. The 3.8-litre V6 twin turbo engine makes 485-bhp in the Juke, but even so it propels it from nought to 60mph (100 km/h) in 3.7 seconds and lets it hit a top speed of 160mph (257 km/h).

It took Nissan’s engineers 22 weeks to build this car, because there was more to it than just bolting the engine to the chassis. They’ve basically redeveloped the Juke around that massive engine and gave it bespoke chassis and suspension, so it can contain the fury of what’s under the bonnet.

The car is the same length (4135mm), height (1575mm) and has the same wheelbase (2530mm) as Juke, while the width has increased from 1765mm to 1910mm, with flared wheel arches surrounding 20-inch RAYS forged alloy wheels. Inside, the driver and passenger sit in OMP race seats, but with all the controls and instruments from GT-R at their fingertips. The 7-inch touch-screen display is in the centre of the dashboard, providing access to the wealth of information about the car, just as the one you get in the GTR.

Unfortunately, Juke-R will never see production. But it might inspire a performance-oriented version sometime in future.

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