/Chris Harris Drives: Nissan GTR and BMW M5

Chris Harris Drives: Nissan GTR and BMW M5

harris gtr m5 at Chris Harris Drives: Nissan GTR and BMW M5

This new Chris Harris review for Drive channel is the stuff  for the most hard-core petrolheads: BMW M5 F10 vs Nissan GTR R35.

Admittedly, these cars are not direct rivals. One is a sports coupe and the other a family saloon that just happens to have a nuclear bomb instead of an engine. But they do have very similar recipe, as Chris explains in his own fascinating way:

Both of these cars have around 550hp, both are packed with computers to make the best of that power, and both – although looking benign while sitting idle – can get your adrenaline and heart rate level dangerously high.

The GTR, of course, is road-ripping mentalist and has four-wheel-drive and some sort of witchcraft instead of suspension as it corners like no other car ever made. The M5 is more ordinary, with a perfect rear-drive setup and an excellent gearbox. The GTR might be faster, but the M5 sounds like much more fun. It also looks a helluva lot better than the Nissan.

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