/Matt Farah Drives 700hp VF Engineering BMW M3

Matt Farah Drives 700hp VF Engineering BMW M3

vf m3 at Matt Farah Drives 700hp VF Engineering BMW M3

In this new episode of Drive channel’s TUNED show, Matt Farah drives the latest VF Engineering-tuned 2012 BMW M3.

Matt has driven VF M3s before on The Smoking Tires, but that one had 620hp. This one, despite the pretty much standard look, has 690 hp. So, a good showcase of what an extra 70hp actually means in terms of real world performance.

The car does not feature a widebody kit like the previous VF M3, and we like that. That kit made the car look toyish and infantile. The standard look will make you enjoy that massive power even more.

There’s only one downer as far as we can work out. The wide-bodied car could have ultra-fat 335 tires at the back, the standard car can only be fitted with 295 rubber.

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