/Hartge BMW 1M Coupe with 400-hp

Hartge BMW 1M Coupe with 400-hp

Hartge BMW 1M Coupe 1 at Hartge BMW 1M Coupe with 400 hp

It’s actually 401 horsepower. That is the Hartge’s way. They are never satisfied with BMW’s standard cars and always come up with big numbers. Even for small cars, such as the BMW 1M Coupe, they couldn’t settle for a moderate number. So they tuned the engine to 401 hp. That sounds much cooler!

It also has a profound effect on the performance of the little 1M. The standard car makes a not-so-bad 340hp, so with an increase of more than 60hp in output you’d expect the car to become much faster, especially as it also has 530Nm of maximum torque.

Hartge cuts to the chase when speaking of performance and mentions the car’s 0 to 200km/h acceleration time, which is a blistering 11.34 seconds.

As usual Hartge doesn’t mess around with the styling, and offers only subtle upgrades like a set of wheels, a touch suspension lowering, and some spoilers for the roof and the trunk. That’s about it.

Hartge BMW 1M Coupe 2 at Hartge BMW 1M Coupe with 400 hp

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