/Nissan Juke-R Takes On Nissan GTR

Nissan Juke-R Takes On Nissan GTR

Nissan Juke R vs Nissan GT R at Nissan Juke R Takes On Nissan GTR

Nissan Juke-R, as you know, owes all its existence to the Nissan GTR. The car is powered by the GTR’s V6 biturbo V6 engine and also benefits from most of its underpinnings. The Juke-R is pretty fast. But is it faster than the GTR? Obviously not. It’s heavier and less powerful and nowhere near as aerodynamic. Still, it’s pretty interesting to see how it performs when pitched against the daddy.

That is exactly what AutoExpress has been up to. Check out this video to see how things work out:

The GTR’s engine makes 485hp in the Juke-R. The engineers went through such a palaver fitting that big V6 under the Juke’s small bonnet. Many of its components had to be redesigned in order to work. But they pulled it off. They will make only two units of the Juke-R, one left-hand- and one right-hand-drive. It will never be mass produced, but it’s already inspired high-performance variants of the crossover.

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