/Audi Developing “e-sound” For “e-tron” Models

Audi Developing “e-sound” For “e-tron” Models

e sound Audi at Audi Developing e sound For e tron Models

As you know one of the main concerns with electric cars is their soundlessness. It is lovely for the people inside the car, but for pedestrians, it is kinda dangerous not hearing them coming. To get round this problem car makers are working on artificial noises for their EVs. Audi has taken this matter very seriously, developing a system called e-sound for its upcoming range of e-tron models. They are not just giving these cars some noise, it has to be exciting.

In a series-production Audi, a combustion engine currently supplies the music. Conversely, the motor in an electric-powered e-tron is not an option, as it is too quiet and its high frequencies are not exactly melodious. Audi’s e-tron models will therefore feature a synthetic sound signature. Rudolf Halbmeir teamed up with his colleagues Axel Brombach and Dr. Lars Hinrichsen to create it.

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