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Nissan Deltawing Development Film

Nissan deltawing at Nissan Deltawing Development Film

Ever since Nissan joined the Deltawing project, which aims to field this radical racing car at this year’s Le Mans 24 hours race, they went berserk with publicity efforts, and rightly so. The Deltawing is by far the most interesting car at the race, even though it’s not even a real contender. Nissan Deltawing won’t be classified in any of the categories, because it doesn’t meet any of the standards.

It’s a shame, because it’d be great to see how it competes against the big boys. Not that it could, of course, seeing as Nissan has provided it with a 1.6 liter engine! It makes 300bhp, but it’s still 300 short of its rivals.

Nissan has prepared a series of documentary films, chronicling the development of this amazing machine, culminating in a TV documentary to air after the 24 Hours of Le Man event in June. Here you can watch part 1 of the film:

Part 1 — proving it works in the wind tunnel: “The wind tunnel work in particular was a key component of the project,” said designer Bowlby. “The data we had from the scale model development and what our computer simulations told us showed we were moving in the right direction. Getting the full-sized car in the wind tunnel really cemented that. In fact, the final results actually exceeded our expectations.”

More to come.

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